Transport of passengers and luggage

3. When travelling with "MATPU" LTD customers are required to comply with the following rules:

3.1. Every passenger has a right to transport free luggage as stated below:

3.1.1. Handheld luggage:

* 1/one/ luggage unit - up to 5 kg with measures - up to 55x40x23 cm;

* in the luggage compartments of the vehicle: 1 /one/ luggage unit;

3.1.2. For every luggage unit in the compartments of the vehicle, the customer recieves a luggage receipt according to art.39 of the Law for motor vehicles.

3.1.3. It is not allowed transportation of luggage without a luggage receipt or of a passenger who is not present in the vehicle.

3.2. It is not allowed to place and carry:

* Products of precious metal, semi-precious and precious stones, laptops, computer configurations, GSM devices, any video, audio and photo devices, optical equipment and/ or elements for it, items of numismatic and artistic value, money, securities, documents, credit and debit cards.

3.2.1. In cases of total or partial absence or damage of luggage containing the items described, "MATPU" LTD does not carry any accountability and will not restore their value, in events of eventual compensation.

3.3. It is absolutely forbidden placement and carriage of:

* firearms and ammunition /firearms and ammunitions owned by citizens for self-defense, hunting, sports, cultural purposes and for collecting, are carried as hand luggage in compliance with the provisions of the current legislation/;
* explosives and flammable substances and devices;
* capsule-detonators;
* detonators and candlewicks;
* mines, granates and other loaded with explosive substances containers;
* fireworks and other pyrotechnic tools;
* smoke bombs and bullets;
* dynamite, gunpower and plastic explosives;
* highly flammable chemical substances.