Change of travel date (Revalidation)

1. Customers, who have bought bus tickets via for the regular bus lines of “MATPU” LTD  and have received a transactional receipt, have the right to:

1.1. Change the date and time of their trip;

1.2. Changing the date and time can be done by the customers only at the checkout counters of “MATPU” LTD throughout the country, at least one day before the departure;

1.3. In order to change the date and time, the customer must provide the number of the purchased ticket, sent to their e-mail address from the automated ticket selling system, or show the ticket/receipt, received from “MATPU” LTD;

1.4. The transporter is not responsible for a delay, caused by objective reasons;

1.5. If the trip is not performed and it is the company’s fault, the customer will receive his money back, ONLY for the part of the route, which was not performed.